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10 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up Next To Someone You Love

Having an intimate relationship is one of the most meaningful experiences that a human being can have. Sharing time, emotions, and experiences with another person can create a deep connection that remains special forever.

These intimate relationships may even have benefits that most people don’t think about. In fact, sleeping next to someone you love has a lot of advantages. Here are 10 reasons why laying next to an intimate partner is a good idea.

10. It’s one of the best feelings in a relationship.

Relationships are complicated and have many different layers and dimensions. They are mixes of ups and downs that couples learn to handle as a team. One of the greatest feelings to come from these intimate relationships is the intimacy of sleeping next to a person whom you love.

9. Research says it’s a good idea.

There have been several studies conducted on the relationship between couples who cuddle and the health of their relationships. Couples who cuddle on a daily basis have been shown to stay together for a longer period of time. These couples also tend to be more faithful than couples who are only together for sex. Cuddling is can be more intimate and create a deeper connection than sex.

8. Cuddling can reduce cravings.

When you’re laying next to someone you love with arms wrapped around them, your brain isn’t very active. Sleeping next to a loved one is calming and therapeutic. In fact, some research has even found that cuddling can help reduce all kinds of cravings. From smoking and over-eating to all bad habits in general, these cravings seem to diminish when a couple is cuddling. This is an excellent way to help proactively fight off bad habits.