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16 Signs That Shows You’ve Finally Found Your Soulmate

Well, we have always heard our elders say that even before we are born the name of your better half or soulmate has been determined. Each soul has a soulmate who he/she is going to spend the entire life with. It’s said that you are going to know when you meet your better half but you don’t want to miss this by any chance. There are for sure some signs that show us we’ve found our soulmate.

So for you, we have listed down some signs that’s a proof that you have found your soulmate, the one you’re going to spend your life with!

1.If you fall in love with them every day you have surely found your better half. This is one of the most important signs you need to see.  

2.You treasure their casual handwritten card and notes more than those expensive gifts they gave you on some occasions.

3.You don’t have to worry about being yourself. They love for who you are and accept you with all of your flaws.


4.They call you out when you need to be called out on something, and vice versa.

5.You know each other so well that you can understand them even when they don’t say anything.


6.You openly tell each other when you’re annoying the hell out of each other, and even though it’s based in truth, you can still laugh about it.


7.You can stay with them in silence and still it would be the best feeling in the world.

8.They can make you laugh anywhere no matter how serious the situation is.

9.You would like you to spend the day with them doing nothing rather than going out with someone else or your friends.


10.They’ll believe in you and support you when you are feeling like you’re good for nothing.


11.You will see it in their eyes that they are proud to have you and how much they love you.

12.You can openly talk and laugh about your bodily functions.

13.You somehow fall for them even more after you see their real, no holds barred sleeping face.

14.You will enjoy even the boring stuff with them like cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping.

15.You have more fun eating takeout on the couch than you do dining out at a five-star restaurant.

16.They will never judge you for anything and will love you through all ups and downs.