Conor Mcgregor Net Worth

What is Conor Mcgregor’s net worth

Net Worth:
$120 Million
Birth: July 14, 1988
Age: 35
Height: 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Source of Wealth: MMA Fighter
Nationality: Republic of Ireland
Instagram: @thenotoriousmma
Last updated: 2023


Conor McGregor is a name that is well-known on the fighting scene today. He is among the top contenders in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and his career as a fighter has been quite impressive. He’s a man with many personalities, eminent for his strong personality, unbridled ego, and an almost inhuman fighting style. Today, it is not surprising that many have wondered what the latter has brought him in terms of financial reward. How much has Conor McGregor made, and what is his net worth? Read on.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Kiev, Ukraine - 02 mars 2019 : photographie d'un gros plan de Conor McGregor lors du tournoi international d'arts martiaux mixtes WWFC 14
Kiev, Ukraine – 02 mars 2019 : photographie d’un gros plan de Conor McGregor lors du tournoi international d’arts martiaux mixtes WWFC 14 – Photo 147010929 © Vladyslav Moskovenko |

Born in Dublin, Ireland, on July 14, 1988, Conor McGregor was the son of Tony McGregor and Margaret McGregor. McGregor developed an interest in sports at an early age, first trying boxing before eventually transitioning to martial arts. He subsequently started training as a boxer at the age of 12, and then ventured into kickboxing with his friend, Tom Egan. He had a successful amateur career in the sport, securing several national titles throughout Ireland.

In 2008, McGregor officially began his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career in Dublin’s Cage of Truth promotion, where he won his debut fight by technical knockout (TKO). From there on, his career as a fighter flourished, and he started gaining fame in the local fighting scene.

Until 2013, McGregor fought in different promotions across Irelands, growing his fan base gradually. Later that year, though, he signed with the UFC, and the rest was history. He won his debut fight against Marcus Brimage in less than one minute in a stunning knockout. From there, he went on to become one of the most influential and best-paid fighters in the UFC.

Personal Life

Apart from his forays into the fighting scene, Conor McGregor is also a family man. He is married to his childhood sweetheart, Dee Devlin, whom he has been with for over a decade. Together, they have two children: Conor Jr. and Croia.

McGregor has also had brushes with the law several times. In 2018, he was arrested after he attacked a bus carrying UFC fighters, causing injuries to several people. He was also arrested in 2019 in Miami and charged with stealing and smashing a fan’s phone.

Real Estate

Chicago, Illinois, USA - March 16, 2019: St. Patrick's Day Parade, Conor McGregor, mixed martial artist
Chicago, Illinois, USA – March 16, 2019: St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Conor McGregor, mixed martial artist – Photo 145976757 © Roberto Galan |

Conor McGregor is not only known for his impressive career as a UFC fighter and entrepreneur, but also for his taste in luxury real estate. The Irish superstar has a number of properties in his portfolio, including his primary residence in Dublin, Ireland.

McGregor’s Dublin home is a lavish mansion that features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a private gym. The home also boasts a cinema room, wine cellar, and a stunning outdoor pool. McGregor spared no expense when it came to designing and furnishing the property, which reflects his penchant for opulence.

In addition to his Dublin home, McGregor also owns a stunning vacation home in Marbella, Spain. The luxurious villa features panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a private pool. McGregor frequently shares photos and videos of the property on social media, showcasing its stunning design and scenic location.

McGregor’s success in real estate extends beyond his personal properties, as he also launched his own real estate development company called McGregor Luxury Homes. The company focuses on creating high-end properties in prime locations across Ireland, and McGregor is heavily involved in the design and construction process.

How Conor McGregor Spends His Money

Conor McGregor is renowned for his luxurious lifestyle, and he likes to spend his money lavishly. He has multiple sources of income, such as fight pay, endorsement deals, and business-minded investments.

McGregor’s net worth is estimated at around $120 Million. Much of his income stems from his battling vocation, where he has fought for the UFC and several other promotional organizations. Since he was the featherweight champion in 2015, McGregor has been one of the highest-paid sportspersons globally.

McGregor also earns from endorsement deals with brands such as Reebok and Beats by Dre. He owns his whiskey brand, Proper No. Twelve, which he started in 2018. It has grown to become a favorite among whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

As for his expenditures, McGregor has an affiniry for the finer things in life. He owns several mansions and luxurious cars, such as a Rolls-Royce Dawn, Lamborghini Aventador, and a Ferrari 458 Italia. He also spends a competitive amount on jewelry, such as custom-made diamond pendants bearing ‘The Notorious’ slogan.

Conor McGregor’s Love for Fashion

McGregor’s love for fashion has even led him to launch his own clothing line called August McGregor, which features a range of men’s fashion items including suits, shirts, and accessories. The brand is a collaboration between McGregor and David August, a renowned tailor based in California.

McGregor’s personal style is a blend of classic and modern, often incorporating bold patterns and colors. He’s not afraid to take risks with his fashion choices, and he’s known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to what’s considered acceptable for men’s fashion. McGregor also has a keen eye for detail, often accessorizing his outfits with statement jewelry, pocket squares, and watches.

In addition to his clothing line, McGregor has also worked with major fashion brands such as Reebok and Hugo Boss. He’s been featured in numerous fashion magazines and has even walked the runway during Men’s Fashion Week in London.

McGregor’s love for fashion extends beyond just wearing stylish clothing, as he’s also expressed an interest in designing his own clothing line in the future. He’s even hinted at the possibility of launching a women’s fashion line under the August McGregor brand.


In conclusion, Conor McGregor’s net worth speaks volumes of his successful career as a fighter and his business acumen. He has become an inspiration to many young fighters and a role model for his fans worldwide. Despite his numerous controversies outside the octagon, he remains a household name in the fighting scene and a testament to what dedication and hard work can achieve.

Frequently asked question about Conor McGregor

1. What is Conor McGregor’s net worth?

Conor McGregor has an estimated net worth of $120 Million.

2. How much does Conor McGregor make per fight?

Conor McGregor earned $5 million for his last fight against Donald Cerrone, plus an additional cut of pay-per-view sales.

3. How many fights has Conor McGregor lost?

Conor McGregor has lost five fights in his professional MMA career.

4. What is Conor McGregor’s whiskey brand?

Proper No. Twelve is Conor McGregor’s whiskey brand, which he started in 2018.

5. Why is Conor McGregor called ‘The Notorious’?

Conor McGregor picked up the moniker ‘The Notorious’ because of his flamboyant personality and approach to fighting.

6. How tall is Conor McGregor ?

Conor McGregor is approximately 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall.

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