Dennis Rodman Net Worth

What is Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth ?

Net Worth:
$500 Thousand
Birth: May 13, 1961
Age: 63
Height: 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in)
Source of Wealth: Basketball player, Athlete, Entertainer, Wrestler
Nationality: USA
Instagram: @dennisrodman
Last updated: 2023


Dennis Rodman is a former professional basketball player and celebrity enthusiast. He is a retired hall of famer who has made his mark in the NBA with his outstanding rebounding skills and free spirit personality. His flamboyant style both on and off the court has made him an interesting figure to follow. Rodman’s career was anything but ordinary, and his net worth reflects this.

Early Life

Dennis Rodman was born in Trenton, New Jersey on May 13, 1961. He had a pretty unusual family situation – his dad had a whopping 47 children, and his name was Philander! After his dad left them and moved to the Philippines, Dennis was raised in Dallas by his mom, Shirley. She had to work a lot of different jobs to support the family.

When Dennis finished high school at South Oak Cliff High, he started working as a janitor at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Back then, he was only 5 feet 6 inches tall, and wasn’t able to make the school’s sports teams. But something amazing happened – he had a huge growth spurt and shot up to 6 foot 7! With this new height, he decided to give basketball another try.

Dennis went to Cooke County College for a little while, but didn’t do very well and ended up leaving due to his poor grades. However, he didn’t give up on his dreams. He transferred to Southeastern Oklahoma State University, where he did much better and even won the Most Valuable Player award.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Dennis saw his dad again, after many years of being apart. Despite his unusual family history and early struggles, Dennis Rodman went on to become a very successful basketball player.

Professional NBA Career

Former Detroit Pistons star forward Dennis Rodman
Former Detroit Pistons star forward Dennis Rodman – Photo 27377610 © Jerry Coli |

During his time in college, Dennis Rodman caught the attention of the Detroit Pistons, leading him to enter the NBA draft in 1986. He was picked as the 3rd player in the second round by the Detroit Pistons and played for them until 1993. After that, he joined several other teams, including the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks. However, his basketball career ended in 2000 when he was released from the Chicago Bulls.

Rodman, who was called “The Worm”, was famous not only for his incredible rebounding skills and aggressive playing style but also for his controversial behavior off the court. He won five NBA championships, was a two-time NBA All-Star, and won the NBA rebounding championship seven times consecutively. He received the NBA All-Defensive First Team honors seven times and was awarded the NBA Defensive Player Award twice. The Detroit Pistons retired his jersey with number 10 in April 2011. The same year, he was also inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Throughout his 14 seasons in the NBA, Rodman played in 911 games and scored 6,683 points, while grabbing 11,954 rebounds. This translates to an average of 7.3 points and 13.1 rebounds per game, all while playing only 31.7 minutes per game.

Wrestling Career

From 1997 to 1999, Dennis Rodman, a former basketball player, became a professional wrestler in the WCW, also known as the World Championship Wrestling. Rodman had always enjoyed wrestling as a hobby, but he decided to take it more seriously after retiring from basketball.

Rodman’s first wrestling match was in July 1997 at a Bash at the Beach event where he teamed up with his friend Hulk Hogan, but they lost to their opponents, Lex Luger and The Giant. A month later, at the Road Wild event, Rodman and Hogan teamed up again, and they helped Hogan win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Rodman participated in a few more Bash at the Beach events before taking a break.

He returned to the WCW in 1999 and had a conflict with Randy Savage. Rodman retired from wrestling in July 2000 after losing a match to Curt Henning during the i-Generation Superstars of Wrestling pay-per-view event.

However, he briefly came out of retirement in 2008 to take part in Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling broadcast. Rodman competed against other contestants such as Eric Esch and Dustin Diamond and emerged as the winner of the series.

Personal Life

Dennis Rodman is known for his flamboyant personality and style. He is also known for his interesting life off the court. Rodman has been married three times and has three children. He has been in several high-profile relationships, including a short-lived marriage to actress Carmen Electra. Rodman’s personal life has also been plagued with troubles, including alcohol abuse and legal issues.

Net Worth

Dennis Rodman’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 Thousand. This amount may seem small to some, but it is worth noting that Rodman has had several financial troubles in the past. Despite earning millions of dollars during his NBA career, he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times. In 2012, he owed $800,000 in child support payments, which resulted in him being arrested. Rodman has also faced legal issues, such as a DUI charge in 2016.

How Dennis Rodman Spends His Money

Dennis Rodman has spent his money on various things throughout his life. One of his most notable purchases was his $1 million wedding to Carmen Electra in 1998. Rodman is also a big car enthusiast and has owned several sports cars throughout his life, including a Lamborghini Murcielago and a Ferrari 360. Rodman has also been known to spend money on lavish vacations and parties.

Frequently Ask Questions about Dennis Rodman

What is Dennis Rodman’s net worth?

Dennis Rodman’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 Thousand.

How many NBA championships did Dennis Rodman win ?

Dennis Rodman won five NBA championships (1989, 1990, 1996, 1997, and 1998) during his career.

What kind of cars does Dennis Rodman own ?

Dennis Rodman is a car enthusiast and has owned several sports cars throughout his life, including a Lamborghini Murcielago and a Ferrari 360.

How many times has Dennis Rodman been married ?

Dennis Rodman has been married three times.

What legal issues has Dennis Rodman faced ?

Dennis Rodman has faced legal issues such as a DUI charge in 2016 and owing $800,000 in child support payments in 2012, which resulted in him being arrested.

How tall is Dennis Rodman ?

Dennis Rodman is approximately 6 ft 7 in (2.01m) tall.

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