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Immigration :Top 10 Countries which are Easy to Settle In

8. Brazil

Brazil has a strong economy and a good employment rate – and with its rich culture and eclectic social structure it likes to welcome expats from different cultural backgrounds. Good schools and over 2600 universities (many of which are free for foreign students) ensure that the literacy rate is 90%. Not surprisingly, it is the sixth country in the world to attract foreign students!

9. Norway

Norway has been classified as the happiest place to live on earth and offers a high standard of living, a long, healthy life, excellent free education and yes, very happy people. It is a very peaceful country and its beautiful countryside means that the focus is on outdoor activities. Immigration regulations are not very strict – which is an added attraction (if required).

10. Argentina

Argentina offers extensive open spaces and good work and educational opportunities. As an added bonus, the cost of living is low and it is easy for immigrants and expats to become citizens. They only have to meet the monthly minimum income criteria to settle in Argentina.