Jared Kushner Net Worth

What is Jared Kushner’s Net Worth ?

Net Worth:
$800 Million
Birth: January 10, 1981
Age: 43
Height: 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)
Source of Wealth: Businessperson, Media proprietor
Nationality: USA
Instagram: @jaredkushner
Last updated: 2024


Jared Kushner is an American businessman, real estate developer, investor, and a senior advisor to the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Born in New Jersey in 1981, Kushner is heir to his father Charles Kushner’s real estate empire, Kushner Companies, which was once valued at $2 billion. Over the years, Jared has made a fortune from various ventures, including real estate, publishing, media, and politics. In this article, we’ll delve into Jared Kushner’s net worth, early life, personal life, and how he spends his money.

Early Life

Jared Kushner was born in Livingston, New Jersey, in 1981 to Seryl and Charles Kushner, both of whom were real estate developers. Jared attended the Jewish private day school, Frisch School, in Paramus, New Jersey, and then went on to study at Harvard University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in 2003. After graduating, Jared joined his father’s real estate company, Kushner Companies, where he worked on several high-profile projects, including the acquisition of the New York Observer in 2006, a weekly newspaper that covers New York politics and media.

Real Estate Ventures

Kushner Companies has been responsible for developing, buying and selling commercial and residential properties throughout New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. With Jared at the helm, the company has completed some of the most lucrative real estate transactions in modern times, including the purchase of 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for $1.8 billion in 2007, and the sale of 229 West 43rd Street in 2015 for $296 million.

The building turned out to be a big problem, and during the 2008 real estate crash, Kushner Cos. lost $90 million on it. Jared, with support from his father, decided to sell parts of his ownership. In 2017, Jared sold his own stake and arranged a $1 billion bailout with Brookfield Asset Management, which is controlled by the Qatari government.

Apart from Kushner Companies, Jared has also invested in dozens of other real estate ventures, including the renovation of the Puck Building in Soho, New York, and the development of Trump Bay Street, a luxury apartment building in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Publishing and Media

Back in 2006, Jared Kushner made a big move by buying a major part of the New York Observer, a newspaper worth about $10 million. When he took charge, he made some important changes to the newspaper. First, he gave the website a fresh new look to make it more appealing to readers. Then, he joined forces with another weekly paper called “ManhattanLife” to create an even stronger publication. The New York Observer also shifted its focus to cover important national topics that would interest people across the country. Thanks to Kushner’s leadership, the newspaper went through some exciting transformations during that time.

Kushner didn’t stop at the newspaper business! He also teamed up with others to start a cool company called Thrive Capital. It’s all about supporting and nurturing new tech companies. They provide money and guidance to help these start-ups grow and succeed. It’s like giving them a boost to reach their full potential. With Thrive Capital, Kushner showed his interest in the exciting world of technology and entrepreneurship.

Political Connections

Jared got to be really close to the White House when he married Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former President Donald Trump. Being part of the family gave him amazing opportunities to work on important things in the Trump administration. He played a big role in stuff like fixing the criminal justice system, making peace in the Middle East, and working on a trade deal called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Jared was right in the middle of all these important initiatives, making a real impact.

Jared’s position as a senior advisor to President Trump was not without controversy. His security clearance was delayed due to concerns about his foreign contacts and business dealings, and he was accused by critics of using his political power to advance Kushner Companies interests.

Personal Life

Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump arrive on the red carpet for the 69th Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on June 7, 2015. <yoastmark class=

Jared Kushner married Ivanka Trump in 2009, after dating for two years. They have three children together, and are known for their high-profile social life, often seen attending events in New York City and the Hamptons. Jared is also an observant Jew, and is known for keeping the Sabbath, abstaining from work and electronic devices from Friday evening until Saturday evening.

Jared Kushner Net Worth

According to Forbes, Jared Kushner’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $800 Million, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in politics. Much of his wealth comes from his real estate investments, including Kushner Companies and its subsidiaries.

How does Jared Kushner spend his money?

Jared and Ivanka sure know how to enjoy the finer things in life! They love their private jets, fancy vacation homes, luxury cars, and stylish clothes. They also have a super cool art collection worth around $25 million. It’s filled with amazing pieces by famous artists like Dan Colen and David Ostrowski. They have a great taste in art and appreciate its beauty. Their collection is like a treasure trove of creativity and talent.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jared Kushner

How did Jared Kushner get his start in business ?

Kushner got his start in the real estate business, working for his father’s company, Kushner Companies.

What is Jared Kushner’s net worth ?

Jared Kushner’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $800 Million.

What has Jared Kushner’s role been in politics ?

Jared Kushner served as a senior advisor to President Donald Trump during his presidency, and was heavily involved in several controversial initiatives.

What is Jared Kushner’s personal life like ?

Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump and has three children. He is also an observant Jew and keeps the Sabbath.

What are some of Jared Kushner’s high-profile real estate investments ?

Kushner Companies has been responsible for several high-profile real estate transactions, including the purchase of 666 Fifth Avenue and the development of Trump Bay Street.

How tall is Jared Kushner ?

Jared Kushner is approximately 6 ft 3 (1.91 m) tall.

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