Judge Judy Net Worth

What is Judge Judy’s Net Worth ?

Net Worth:
$440 Million
Birth: October 21, 1942
Age: 81
Height: 1.55 m (5 ft 1 in)
Source of Wealth: Lawyer, Author, Presenter
Nationality: USA
Instagram: None
Last updated: 2024


If you have ever watched daytime television, you have probably come across Judge Judy. Judith Sheindlin, or Judge Judy, became a television icon in the 1990s with her no-nonsense courtroom show. The feisty judge has become a household name, known not just for her stern demeanor in the courtroom but also for her impressive net worth. Sheindlin is one of the richest women in the entertainment industry, with a net worth that is truly staggering. In this article, we will take a look at Judge Judy net worth and how she amassed her fortune.

Who is Judge Judy ?

Before we dive into the numbers, let’s get to know the woman behind the wealth. Judith Sheindlin was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1942. She attended American University in Washington, D.C. and received her law degree from New York Law School. Sheindlin worked as a prosecutor in the family court system before being appointed a judge in the New York City criminal court system.

After 25 years on the bench, Sheindlin retired in 1996. However, she wasn’t ready to step away from the courtroom completely. She began filming a pilot for a courtroom show, “Judge Judy“, which was then picked up by CBS. The show debuted in 1996 and quickly became a hit. Now in its 25th season, “Judge Judy” is one of the most successful courtroom shows in television history.

Early Life of Sheindlin

Judith Sheindlin grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Her parents were German Jews who immigrated to the United States during World War II. Sheindlin attended James Madison High School, where she was editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. After high school, she attended college at American University in Washington, D.C., where she majored in government.

Sheindlin returned to New York to attend law school at New York Law School. After graduation, she worked as a corporate lawyer for several years before moving to the family court system. Sheindlin then became a judge in the New York City criminal court system. She served as a judge for 25 years before retiring in 1996.


After gaining national exposure from a “60 Minutes” special, Judy was offered her own reality courtroom show. “Judge Judy” premiered on September 16, 1996, and has remained the most popular court show on TV for 15 years, with over 10 million daily viewers. It even surpassed “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in viewership. In 2013, a poll showed Americans trusted Judge Judy more than Supreme Court justices. She holds a Guinness World Record for longest-serving judge on a courtroom-themed TV program. Her contract was extended until 2021, and she announced a new show, “Judy Justice”, airing in 2022.

Judge Judy wrote and published two books in the late 90s. Her second autobiography, “Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever”, was a bestseller in 1999. The following year, she released “Keep It Simple, Stupid: You’re Smarter Than You Look”, which also became a bestseller. Both books were well-received by readers and gained popularity, showcasing her talent as an author in addition to her success on television.

Personal Life of Sheindlin

Judge Judy Sheindlin's family at the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards at the Pasadena Convention Center May 5 at 2019 in Pasadena CA
Judge Judy Sheindlin’s family at the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards at the Pasadena Convention Center May 5 at 2019 in Pasadena CA – Photo 188929395 © Hutchinsphoto | Dreamstime.com

Judith Sheindlin, also known as Judge Judy, has been married twice in her life. Her first marriage was to Ronald Levy, who was a prosecutor, in 1964. Together, they had two children named Jamie and Adam. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 1976.

Later that same year, Judith married Jerry Sheindlin, who is also a judge. They have been together for over 40 years and have two children of their own named Gregory and Jonathan. Despite being public figures, the Sheindlins have kept their marriage strong and have maintained a lasting relationship.

Net Worth

So, just how much is Judge Judy worth ? Sheindlin has a net worth of $440 Million, according to Forbes. She is one of the highest-paid television stars, earning $47 million per year for “Judge Judy“.  Sheindlin has also written several books, including “Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining,” which was a New York Times bestseller.

How Does Judge Judy Spend Her Money ?

With such an impressive bankroll, Sheindlin can afford to spend her money in some pretty lavish ways. Sheindlin owns multiple homes, including a mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, and a condo in Beverly Hills, California. Sheindlin is also a fan of high-end cars and has been spotted driving a Bentley and a Rolls-Royce.

In addition to her work as a judge and TV personality, Sheindlin is known for her philanthropic efforts. She has generously donated millions of dollars to support different charitable causes, such as The Innocence Project, which helps innocent people who have been wrongly convicted. Sheindlin has also created a scholarship fund at her alma mater, American University, to provide opportunities for students pursuing their education. Her generosity and commitment to giving back to the community highlight her compassion and desire to make a positive impact beyond the courtroom.


Judge Judy, or Judith Sheindlin, has had a remarkable career as a judge, TV personality, bestselling author, and philanthropist. Her tough and no-nonsense style of judging, along with her numerous achievements such as record-breaking TV ratings and bestselling books, have made her a household name. Sheindlin’s philanthropic efforts, including donations to charitable causes and the establishment of a scholarship fund, showcase her commitment to giving back to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions about Judge Judy

What is Judge Judy’s real name ?

Judith Sheindlin.

How much is Judge Judy worth ?

Judge Judy is estimated to be worth $440 Million.

How much does Judge Judy earn for “Judge Judy” ?

Sheindlin earns $47 million per year for the show.

What else has Judge Judy done besides “Judge Judy” ?

Sheindlin has written multiple books and made cameo appearances on other TV shows.

What causes does Judge Judy support ?

Sheindlin has donated to various charitable organizations, including The Innocence Project and established a scholarship fund at American University.

How tall is Judge Judy ?

Judge Judy is approximately 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m) tall.

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