Oshea Jackson Jr. Net Worth

What is Oshea Jackson Jr.’s Net Worth ?

Net Worth:
$3 Million
Birth: February 24, 1991 
Age: 32
Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Source of Wealth: Actor
Nationality: USA
Instagram: None
Last updated: 2023


Oshea Jackson Jr. is a well-known actor and musician in Hollywood. He is the son of the famous rapper, Ice Cube, and has made his own unique name in the entertainment industry. The rising star has managed to create a successful career for himself, which has always been under the public eye. Besides his successful acting and music career, Oshea Jackson Jr. net worth is something that fans always speculate about. So, in this post, we will dive deep into the net worth of Oshea Jackson Jr. and his journey to success.

Early Life of Oshea Jackson Jr.

Oshea Jackson Jr. was born on February 24th, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. His birth name is O’Shea Jackson, but he goes by his stage name Oshea Jackson Jr. Oshea III, his father, is a famous rapper and actor, and his mother is Kimberly Woodruff. Oshea Jr. has two siblings, a brother named Darrell and a sister named Kareema.

Growing up, Oshea Jr. attended William Howard Taft Charter High School in Los Angeles, where he played basketball and was involved in theater productions. He also participated in many school plays and had a knack for acting, which eventually led him down the path of becoming an actor.

Oshea Jr.’s career began in 2015 when he made his acting debut in the biographical film, “Straight Outta Compton,” based on his father’s rap group, N.W.A. The role earned him critical acclaim, and he went on to appear in many television shows and films.

Personal Life of Oshea Jackson Jr.

Oshea Jackson Jr. has kept his personal life under the radar, and there is not much information about his relationships or dating history. However, Oshea Jr. has opened up about his love for music and has mentioned in many interviews that he wants to continue pursuing his music career.

The Multi-Talented Star’s Acting Career

Oshea Jackson JR at the Godzilla: King of the Monsters Premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on May 18 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
Oshea Jackson JR at the Godzilla: King of the Monsters Premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on May 18 2019 in Los Angeles, CA – Photo 189736715 © Hutchinsphoto | Dreamstime.com

Oshea Jackson Jr.’s acting career has been nothing short of impressive. The young and talented actor made waves with his debut role in “Straight Outta Compton” and has since been featured in many movies and TV shows.

Some of Oshea Jr.’s popular films include “Ingrid Goes West”, “Long Shot,” and “Just Mercy.” He has also appeared in hit TV shows such as “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” and “Central Park Five.”Oshea Jr. has managed to impress both the audience and critics with his acting prowess, and his talent has even earned him nominations for many awards.

Oshea Jackson Jr. Music Career

Besides acting, Oshea Jackson Jr. is also a musician who loves creating and sharing music with his fans. He released his first single, “OMG,” in 2017 and has since dropped a few more tracks for people to enjoy. Although he hasn’t been able to dedicate as much time to music as he has to acting, his talent in this area is hard to ignore. Oshea Jr. is a gifted musician who has demonstrated his ability to make great music that resonates with people.

Music has always been an important part of Oshea Jr.’s life. He grew up listening to different genres, including rap, which his father Ice Cube helped to pioneer. Oshea Jr. found inspiration in his dad’s work and decided to follow in his footsteps. His music is a blend of different styles, and he often incorporates his personal experiences into his lyrics.

Oshea Jr.’s music career is still in its early stages, but he has already gained a following and has proven that he has what it takes to make it in the industry. His fans appreciate his authenticity, and he continues to impress with his creativity and dedication to his craft. With his talent and passion, there’s no telling how far he will go in the world of music. Oshea Jr. is a true artist who has something special to offer, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.

How Does Oshea Jackson Jr. Spend His Money?

Oshea Jackson Jr.’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 Million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The actor-musician has managed to build his fortune from his successful acting career, music career, and brand endorsements.

Despite being young, Oshea Jr. has shown great responsibility as far as managing his money is concerned. He lives a luxurious lifestyle, but he also knows how to spend his money wisely.

In an interview with GQ Australia, Oshea Jr. revealed that he likes to invest his money in the stock market and real estate. He has also mentioned that he likes to help his family and friends by gifting them with tokens of appreciation.


Oshea Jackson Jr. is a rising star in the entertainment industry, best known for his portrayal of his father, Ice Cube, in the biopic “Straight Outta Compton”. Despite being relatively new to the scene, he has already made a name for himself . He has shown his versatility as an actor and rapper, and his future in the industry looks bright. With his talent, dedication, and passion, there’s no doubt that he will continue to make waves and inspire many in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oshea Jackson Jr.

How much is Oshea Jackson Jr. worth ?

Oshea Jackson Jr.’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 Million.

How did Oshea Jackson Jr. get into acting ?

Oshea Jackson Jr. got into acting after playing a role in “Straight Outta Compton,” a movie about his father’s rap group.

Does Oshea Jackson Jr. have a music career ?

Yes, Oshea Jackson Jr. has a music career and has released a few tracks.

What are Oshea Jackson Jr.’s popular films ?

Oshea Jackson Jr.’s popular films include “Ingrid Goes West,” “Long Shot,” and “Just Mercy.”

How does Oshea Jackson Jr. spend his money ?

Oshea Jackson Jr. invests his money in the stock market and real estate, gives tokens of appreciation to his family and friends, and lives a luxurious lifestyle.

How tall is Oshea Jackson Jr. ?

Oshea Jackson Jr. is appproximately 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m ) tall.

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