Priscilla Presley Net Worth

What is Priscilla Presley’s Net Worth ?

Net Worth:
$50 Million
Birth: May 24, 1945
Age: 78
Height: 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Source of Wealth: Actor, Businessperson, Film producer
Nationality: USA
Instagram: None
Last updated: 2024


As a blogger and a celebrity enthusiast, it is fascinating to explore the life of stars and their net worth. One such personality that has always captured my attention is Priscilla Presley. Priscilla Ann Presley, also known as the ex-wife of the legendary singer Elvis Presley, has been an iconic figure in American pop culture. Her beauty, grace, and poise have captivated audiences worldwide. But the question that many of us have been pondering is – What is Priscilla Presley’s Net Worth? In this article, we will take a closer look at her life, career, and earnings.

Early Life of Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley was born on May 24th, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York. Her father, James Wagner, was a U.S. Air Force officer, and her mother, Anna Lillian Iversen, was his wife. Due to her father’s career, Priscilla’s family moved around frequently until they settled in Wiesbaden, Germany. Priscilla attended high school there, and it was during this time that she met Elvis Presley in 1959.

Elvis was serving in the U.S. Army at the time, and he and Priscilla developed a close relationship. Despite their age difference, they became romantically involved, and their relationship grew over time. Priscilla’s life changed dramatically when she moved to the United States to be with Elvis, leaving her home in Germany behind.

Personal Life

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood Lisa Marie Presley Priscilla Presley Riley Keough Finley Aaron Love Lockwood at the Priscilla Presley Hand Honor Ceremony Lisa Marie Presley & Riley Keough at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on June 21, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA
Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood Lisa Marie Presley Priscilla Presley Riley Keough Finley Aaron Love Lockwood at the Priscilla Presley Hand Honor Ceremony Lisa Marie Presley & Riley Keough at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on June 21, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA – Photo 249979660 © Hutchinsphoto |

Priscilla and Elvis Presley were a couple for a few years and tied the knot in 1967. They welcomed their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, in the same year. Sadly, their marriage didn’t last long, and they divorced in 1973. Despite the challenges, Priscilla Presley didn’t let that stop her. She continued to pursue her career in the entertainment industry and even ventured into entrepreneurship. She showed resilience and determination to keep moving forward, both personally and professionally, making her an inspiring figure in the face of adversity.

Priscilla Presley has been a dedicated Ambassador of the Dream Foundation since 2003, a wonderful organization that grants wishes to adults who are terminally ill. She is also known for her love for animals and her advocacy against the Tennessee Ag-Gag Bill. In 2013, she took action by reaching out to Governor Bill Haslam to express her opposition to this bill.

Career and Business Ventures

Priscilla Presley is a versatile talent in the entertainment industry. She began her career as a model and actress in the 1960s, starring in popular movies like The Naked Gun series and TV shows like Dallas. Not only that, but she also showed her skills as an executive producer for the Emmy-nominated TV film Elvis and Me, which portrayed her life with Elvis Presley. Priscilla Presley’s diverse accomplishments in acting and production showcase her versatility and talent in the entertainment world, making her a remarkable figure in showbiz.

Priscilla Presley is not only known for her acting career but also for her successful ventures as a businesswoman. She founded “And I Design“, a clothing line, and “Elvis Presley Enterprises”, which handles various aspects of Elvis Presley’s estate. Thanks to her leadership, the estate has grown into a thriving multimillion-dollar business, featuring merchandise, media, and a museum dedicated to preserving Elvis Presley’s legacy. Priscilla Presley’s entrepreneurial spirit and achievements make her a noteworthy figure in the business world.

Priscilla Presley Net Worth

Given her various business ventures and a successful career, it is not surprising that Priscilla Presley’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 Million. As the former wife of the “King of Rock and Roll,” she has also inherited a share of Elvis Presley’s estate, which is worth around $75 million.

How Does Priscilla Presley Spend Her Money ?

Priscilla Presley, who has a net worth of $50 Million, enjoys a life of luxury with numerous options to spend her money. She is known for her extravagant lifestyle, which includes indulging in luxury cars, lavish homes, and high-end fashion. However, Priscilla’s generosity also extends to charitable causes. She has been actively involved in supporting philanthropic organizations such as The Dream Foundation, which grants wishes to terminally ill adults, and The World Wildlife Fund, which focuses on wildlife conservation. Priscilla’s philanthropic efforts demonstrate her compassion and commitment to making a positive impact on those in need and the environment. Despite her wealth and indulgences, Priscilla Presley’s philanthropy serves as an example of using one’s resources to make a difference in the lives of others and the world.


Priscilla Presley has been an iconic figure in American pop culture, with her beauty, grace, and poise. She has had an illustrious career as a model, actress, and entrepreneur, and her business ventures have made her one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world. With her net worth estimated to be around  $50 Million, it is clear that Priscilla Presley’s legacy is one that will continue to live on for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Priscilla Presley

What is Priscilla Presley’s biggest achievement ?

Priscilla Presley’s biggest achievement has been her successful business ventures, including “Elvis Presley Enterprises,” which manages various aspects of Elvis Presley’s estate.

How did Priscilla Presley become famous ?

Priscilla Presley became famous as the ex-wife of Elvis Presley, and later as a model, actress, and entrepreneur.

What is Priscilla Presley’s net worth?

Priscilla Presley’s net worth is estimated to be around  $50 Million.

What are Priscilla Presley’s main sources of income ?

Priscilla Presley’s main sources of income are her business ventures and her inheritance as the former wife of Elvis Presley.

Does Priscilla Presley donate to any charitable causes ?

Yes, Priscilla Presley donates to various charitable causes, including The Dream Foundation and The World Wildlife Fund.

How tall is Priscilla Presley ?

Priscilla Presley is approximately 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m) tall.

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