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What is Sherri Shepherd’s net worth

Net Worth:
$10 Million
Birth: April 22, 1967
Age: 57
Height: 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm)
Source of Wealth: Television personality, Actress
Nationality: United States of America
Instagram: @sherrieshepherd
Last updated: 2023


Sherri Shepherd is a name known to many as a television personality, actress, author, and comedian. But not many are aware of her net worth, her humble beginnings, her personal life, and how she spends her money. In this comprehensive article, we dive deep into Sherri Shepherd’s life and reveal her true worth. Keep reading to learn more!

Early Life

HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 01, 2009. Sherri Shepherd at the AFI FEST 2009 Screening of Precious held
HOLLYWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 01, 2009. Sherri Shepherd at the AFI FEST 2009 Screening of Precious held – Photo 58322586 © Starstock |

Sherri Shepherd’s early life shaped her journey towards success in the entertainment industry. Born on April 22, 1967, in Chicago, she grew up as the eldest of three siblings in a conservative Jehovah’s Witness household. After attending Hoffman Estates High School in Illinois, Shepherd made the courageous decision to move to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her dreams in show business.

While navigating the challenges of starting her career, Shepherd worked as a legal secretary to sustain herself financially. Simultaneously, she honed her acting skills by attending classes and ventured into the world of stand-up comedy, performing at local clubs. These early experiences laid the foundation for her future accomplishments and showcased her determination to achieve her goals.


Sherri Shepherd’s entertainment career began in the mid-1990s, where she worked as a guest star on various television shows, including the legendary sitcom, Friends. She also had a recurring role in the ’90s sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show. In 2001, Sherri hosted the Lifetime network’s show, “Single Moms,” and later on, shared hosting roles with Whoopi Goldberg on “Hollywood Squares.” Her big break came in 2007 when she was cast as a co-host of the popular daytime talk show, The View. Her tenure on the show lasted until 2014, and it greatly helped her become one of the most recognized TV personalities in America.

In addition to her successful television career, Sherri has also acted in several movies, including the critically acclaimed Precious with Gabourey Sidibe and directed by Lee Daniels. She has also starred in the sitcoms Less Than Perfect, Sherri, and Trial & Error.

Apart from acting, Sheridan is also a writer and published a memoir in 2009 titled “Permission Slips: Every Woman’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break.” She also co-authored the book “Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (Even If You Don’t Have It)” in 2013.

Real Estate

LOS ANGELES - APR 30: Sherri Shepherd at the 44th Daytime Emmy Awards - Arrivals at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium
LOS ANGELES – APR 30: Sherri Shepherd at the 44th Daytime Emmy Awards – Arrivals at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium – Photo 200037916 © Hutchinsphoto |

Sherri Shepherd has made several notable real estate investments throughout her career. In 2010, she purchased a luxurious home in Tarzana, California, for $1.7 million. This spacious Mediterranean-style property boasts five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a private backyard.

In 2014, Shepherd made headlines when she listed her New Jersey mansion for sale. The stunning property, located in Franklin Lakes, featured six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a theater room, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. It was listed for $3.3 million.

Shepherd has demonstrated a keen eye for real estate, making strategic moves to build her property portfolio. These investments reflect her success in the entertainment industry and her ability to diversify her assets.

Through her real estate ventures, Sherri Shepherd showcases not only her taste for luxurious living but also her understanding of the value of property investments. Her real estate choices reflect her accomplishments and highlight her financial acumen.

Personal Life

Sherri Shepherd’s personal life has seen significant changes and challenges. She has been married twice, with her first marriage being to Jeff Tarpley. Together, they have a son named Jeffrey Charles Tarpley, born on April 22, 2005. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in separation.

Shepherd later entered into a second marriage with television writer Lamar Sally in 2011. The couple welcomed a son named Lamar Sally Jr. through a surrogate in 2014. However, their marriage eventually ended in divorce in 2015.

These personal experiences have undoubtedly shaped Shepherd’s journey, contributing to her resilience and strength. Despite the ups and downs, she continues to navigate life’s complexities with grace and determination, both in her personal relationships and professional endeavors.

Sherri Shepherd’s Spending Habits

Sherri Shepherd’s net worth has often been a topic of debate, but according to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is $10 Million. Despite her wealth, Sherri has had her share of financial problems. In 2014, her ex-husband, Lamar Sally, filed for child support, which was set at a whopping $4,100 per month. She was also ordered to pay him $1.4 million in a settlement over the surrogacy of their son. In 2018, Shepherd was sued by the home improvement company, Jeanne Browne Inc, for failing to pay for home renovation services, which resulted in an $8,292 judgement against her.

As for her spending habits, Sherri Shepherd is known to enjoy the finer things in life, including designer clothing, high-end jewelry, and luxury cars. She even bought a Tesla Model S car for her son as a high school graduation gift.

Sherri Shepherd’s spending habits reflect a mix of lavish indulgence and financial setbacks. Her journey serves as a reminder that even with substantial wealth, financial challenges can arise, underscoring the importance of prudent financial management and long-term planning.


In conclusion, Sherri Shepherd is a talented and multi-faceted celebrity who has steadily built an impressive net worth through her various entertainment ventures. Despite her financial struggles, she continues to live a luxurious lifestyle and is undoubtedly one of America’s most recognizable personalities.

Frequently asked question about Sherri Shepherd’s net worth

1. How much does Sherri Shepherd make per year?

According to sources, Sherri Shepherd’s average annual salary is around $1.5 million.

2. What is Sherri Shepherd’s source of income?

Sherri Shepherd’s primary source of income is her career in the entertainment industry, including television, film, and stand-up comedy.

3. Is Sherri Shepherd still married?

No, Sherri Shepherd is currently single. She divorced Lamar Sally, her second husband, in 2015.

4. How many children does Sherri Shepherd have?

Sherri Shepherd has two children, a son named Jeffrey Charles Tarpley from her first marriage and a son named Lamar Sally Jr, born via surrogate during her second marriage.

5. Does Sherri Shepherd have any upcoming projects?

As of 2021, Sherri has an upcoming project, the comedy movie “24-7.”

6. How tall is Sherri Shepherd ?

Sherri Shepherd is approximately 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm) tall.

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