Shia Labeouf Net Worth

What is Shia Labeouf’s net worth

Net Worth:
$25 Million
Birth: June 11, 1986
Age: 38
Height: 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor
Nationality: United States of America
Instagram: @we_love_shia
Last updated: 2023


Shia Labeouf has been a household name in the entertainment industry for over two decades. He started as a child actor in the Disney Channel hit “Even Stevens” and went on to star in blockbuster films such as “Transformers”, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, and “Fury”. However, his career has been overshadowed by his numerous controversies, ranging from his plagiarism scandals to his bizarre behavior in public. Despite this, he remains a sought-after actor and artist, with a net worth that reflects his success in the industry. In this article, we take a closer look at Shia Labeouf’s net worth, his early life, personal life, and how he spends his money.

Early Life

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JUNE 23: Shia LaBeouf, answers questions at the press conference for the film "Transformers 3
MOSCOW, RUSSIA – JUNE 23: Shia LaBeouf, answers questions at the press conference for the film “Transformers 3 – Photo 20158220 © Denis Makarenko |

Shia Saide Labeouf was born on June 11, 1986, in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Echo Park, a working-class neighborhood in LA, with his mother Shayna Saide and father Jeffrey Labeouf, who was a Vietnam War veteran and a professional clown. Their family struggled financially, and his parents eventually divorced when Shia was 10 years old. Despite this, Shia showed an interest in acting at a young age and pursued it through various community theater programs.

At the age of 12, Shia was discovered by a talent scout at his local Jewish community center and was offered a role in the television show “Even Stevens”. The show was a hit and ran for three seasons, earning Shia critical acclaim and a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in Children’s Programming in 2003.

Personal Life

Shia has had a tumultuous personal life, marked by his relationships, legal troubles, and mental health issues. In 2004, he started dating his “Even Stevens” co-star Christy Carlson Romano, but they broke up two years later. He then dated several actresses, including China Brezner, Megan Fox, and Carey Mulligan. He was also married to Mia Goth, whom he met on the set of “Nymphomaniac” in 2012, but they separated in 2018.

Shia has had several run-ins with the law, including charges of DUI, assault, and disorderly conduct. He also suffered from addiction to alcohol and drugs and underwent therapy and rehab to address his issues. In 2019, he was arrested for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct in Savannah, Georgia, and was filmed making racist remarks to the police officers.

Despite the challenges he has faced in his personal life, Shia LaBeouf remains a respected and talented actor in the entertainment industry. He has been open about his struggles with addiction and mental health and has taken steps to address these issues. He has also used his platform to raise awareness about important causes and has been involved in several philanthropic efforts over the years.

As Shia continues to work on his personal and professional growth, his fans and admirers hope to see him thrive and overcome his past struggles. With several exciting projects in the pipeline, including his upcoming biopic “Spencer,” there’s no doubt that Shia will continue to make a significant impact in the world of film and beyond.

Net Worth

Shia LaBeouf takes care of the 'American honey' photo shoot during the sixty-ninth annual Cannes Film Festival
Shia LaBeouf takes care of the ‘American honey’ photo shoot during the sixty-ninth annual Cannes Film Festival – Photo 73467566 © Denis Makarenko |

Despite his controversies, Shia Labeouf has managed to sustain a successful career in the entertainment industry. His net worth is estimated to be around $25 Million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He earned his fortune through his film and television appearances, as well as his work as an artist and director.

Shia’s breakout role was in the film “Holes” in 2003, for which he was reportedly paid $500,000. He then starred in the Transformers franchise, earning a reported $15 million for each film. He also appeared in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” with a reported salary of $6 million. Shia’s other notable roles include “Eagle Eye”, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, and “Fury”.

In addition to his acting career, Shia has also pursued his passion for art and filmmaking. He has directed several short films and music videos, and his debut feature film “Honey Boy” was a critical success. He has also staged several performance art pieces, including “#IAMSORRY”, in which he sat in a room with a paper bag on his head, inviting visitors to interact with him.

How Shia Labeouf Spends His Money

Shia Labeouf has been known to splurge his wealth on expensive cars, tattoos, and real estate. He reportedly owns several luxury vehicles, including a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Ford F-150, and a vintage Chevrolet pickup truck. He also has an extensive collection of tattoos, with designs covering his arms, chest, and back.

Shia has also invested his money in real estate properties. In 2015, he purchased a $5.5 million mansion in Pasadena, California, which features six bedrooms, a pool, and a tennis court. He also owns a four-bedroom home in Studio City, which he reportedly uses as an art studio and production office.


In conclusion, Shia LaBeouf has amassed an impressive net worth thanks to his successful acting career and other ventures. Despite personal struggles and controversies, he remains a talented and influential figure in the entertainment industry. With several upcoming projects in the works, it will be interesting to see how his net worth continues to evolve in the coming years.

Frequently asked question about Shia Labeouf’s net worth

1. What is Shia Labeouf’s highest-grossing film?

Shia Labeouf’s highest-grossing film is “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, which earned over $1.1 billion worldwide.

2. What is Shia Labeouf’s salary for his films?

Shia Labeouf’s salary for his films varies depending on the project and his role. He has reportedly earned anywhere from $500,000 for “Holes” to $15 million for each “Transformers” film.

3. How many tattoos does Shia Labeouf have?

Shia Labeouf has over 20 tattoos on his body, including designs inspired by his favorite artists, films, and books.

4. What is Shia Labeouf’s next project?

Shia Labeouf is set to star in the upcoming film “The Tax Collector”, directed by David Ayer. He is also working on a biopic about his own life, which he wrote and will star in.

5. What is Shia Labeouf’s net worth compared to other actors?

Shia Labeouf’s net worth is lower than some of his peers in the entertainment industry, such as Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, and Tom Cruise. However, he has still managed to accumulate a significant fortune through his successful acting career and artistic pursuits.

6. How tall is Shia Labeouf ?

Shia LaBeouf is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall.

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