Tinsley Mortimer Net Worth

What is Tinsley’s Mortimer Net Worth ?

Net Worth:
$35 Million
Birth: August 11, 1975
Age: 48
Height: 1.70 m (5 ft 6 in)
Source of Wealth: Professional TV Personality
Nationality: USA
Instagram: @tinsleymortimer
Last updated: 2024


Tinsley Mortimer is a socialite, fashionista, and “Real Housewives of New York City” alumna with a net worth of approximately $35 million. She has led a colorful life full of ups and downs, and her wealth has been a reflection of this journey. In this article, we’ll delve into the life and wealth of Tinsley Mortimer, including her early life, personal life, and how she spends her money.

Early Life

Tinsley Randolph Mercer, known professionally as Tinsley Mortimer, was born on August 11, 1975, in Richmond, Virginia. She was raised in an affluent family and attended boarding school at Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Later, she moved to New York City to attend Columbia University.

After earning her degree in art history in 1996, Mortimer landed a job at Vogue Magazine as an assistant beauty editor. She worked there for a year before moving on to other positions in the fashion industry.

Personal Life

Throughout her life, Tinsley Mortimer has been in the public eye, and her personal life has been the subject of much speculation. She married Topper Mortimer, a banking scion and heir to Standard Oil, in 2002. Although they divorced in 2010, their marriage provided her with a connection to Manhattan society that proved useful later in her career.

After her divorce from Topper, Mortimer began dating Prince Casimir Wittgenstein-Berleburg, but the couple broke up in 2013. Mortimer later dated CouponCabin.com CEO Scott Kluth, but their relationship was rocky.

In April 2020, it was reported that Tinsley had moved to Chicago to be with Kluth and that the couple had become engaged.

Mortimer’s Net Worth

Tinsley Mortimer at the Inaugural American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA 10-01-11
Tinsley Mortimer at the Inaugural American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA 10-01-11 – Photo 21838650 © Sbukley | Dreamstime.com

Tinsley Mortimer, a resident of Chicago, Illinois, has earned an estimated total career income of $8 million dollars. However, she would have had to pay around 40% of her income in taxes, which amounts to approximately $3.2 million dollars. After taxes, her estimated career earnings are around $4.8 million dollars.

In addition to her career earnings, Tinsley Mortimer received a divorce settlement of $10 million dollars from her ex-husband, Robert Livingston Mortimer, after their divorce in 2010. She is also believed to have inherited $15 million from her family. In her personal life, Tinsley has likely spent around $2-3 million dollars of her earnings, but she has also earned $3 million dollars from her investments. She would have also incurred business costs of approximately $1-2 million dollars.

Taking all these factors into account, it is estimated that Tinsley Mortimer’s net worth is approximately $35 Million.


Mortimer’s fashion career began with a handbag line called Samantha Thavasa, which she launched in Japan in 2006. Later, she launched a clothing line with Japanese label Riccimie in 2008, before starting her own fashion line, Tinsley Mortimer Collection, in 2009.

Reality TV

In 2017, Tinsley Mortimer joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of New York City” which helped to raise her profile and increase her earning potential. She remained on the show for four seasons, earning a reported $400,000 per season.


In addition to her fashion and TV careers, Tinsley Mortimer has made a name for herself as a socialite, attending high-profile events and parties with the crème de la crème of Manhattan society. Her active social life has helped to maintain her status as a celebrity and influential figure in New York City.

How Tinsley Mortimer Spends Her Money

While Tinsley Mortimer is certainly a wealthy individual, she’s known for living a relatively modest lifestyle, at least by the standards of Manhattan’s elite.

Real Estate

Mortimer’s most significant investment has been in Manhattan real estate. In 2006, she purchased a $9.3 million townhouse on the Upper East Side, which she later sold for $8.4 million in 2018. She then moved into a penthouse in the same neighborhood, which she currently rents for an estimated $9,500 per month.


Tinsley Mortimer loves to travel, and her Instagram account is filled with photos of her exotic vacations. She’s visited destinations like Switzerland, St. Barts, and Bali, staying at luxurious hotels and resorts along the way.


Despite her wealth, Tinsley Mortimer is known for her philanthropy, supporting causes like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In 2020, she even started her own charity, the Tinsley Mortimer Foundation, to raise money and awareness for a variety of causes close to her heart.


Tinsley Mortimer, a prominent TV personality and socialite from the United States, is known for her net worth of $35 million. She comes from a notable family, being a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, and holds a degree in art history from Columbia University. Tinsley is a successful entrepreneur with her own line of handbags and clothing sold in Japan under the brand Samantha Thavasa, and she has also ventured into condo development with her line of products called Riccime by Tinsley Mortimer.

In addition to her business ventures, Tinsley has appeared on various TV shows, including a cameo on Gossip Girl, her own reality show High Society, and as a judge on The Fashion Show. She is also a published author with her book Southern Charm and has contributed to The Park Avenue Diet, a best-selling book.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tinsley Mortimer

What is Tinsley Mortimer’s net worth ?

Tinsley Mortimer’s net worth is approximately $35 Million.

How did Tinsley Mortimer make her money ?

Tinsley Mortimer made her money through her careers as a fashion designer, reality TV personality, and socialite.

What is Tinsley Mortimer known for ?

Tinsley Mortimer is known for her fashion career, her appearances on “The Real Housewives of New York City” and her active social life.

What kind of lifestyle does Tinsley Mortimer lead ?

Tinsley Mortimer leads a relatively modest lifestyle, at least by the standards of Manhattan’s elite.

What charity work does Tinsley Mortimer do ?

Tinsley Mortimer supports a variety of causes through her philanthropic work, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and her own charity, the Tinsley Mortimer Foundation.

How tall is Tinsley Mortimer ?

Tinsley Mortimer is approximately 5 ft 6 in (1.70 m) tall.

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